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          County-Level Water Quality Violations per Water System, 1982–2015

                    Violations of health-related drinking water standards were more common in rural counties. Click or hover over each county for more details; data                          were not available for counties in white.


Water Crisis in

Is the Drinking Water

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Cleaner Water
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Excited to have the bottle and filter to use. Just knowing how the water filter is cleaning the water is comforting.
M.L. Edwards
Wonderful Tasting Water
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This little pitcher made my terrible tasting well water taste good! AND, I am not worrying about any contaminates either. I highly suggest using this product for clean, wonderful tasting water. Mine lasted me six months.
Jennifer Ford
Isn't your long term-health worth it?
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To truly drink clean, hydrating water that doesn't contain any long-term damaging chemicals creating by the toxic byproducts of our chemically enhanced world, you NEED those VOC's/medications to be filtered. Any other filter is JUST NOT WORTH IT. EcoFlo filters out everything so all you're left with is H2O. Pricey, but isn't your long-term health worth it?
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