Ecoflo was founded in 2009 by health food store owners in Atlanta, GA. Our product is an innovative solution that directly fills the need that we kept hearing from our customers over the years. Our customers, generally health-conscious people, always try to drink enough water, but are concerned about the chemicals found in tap water. Chlorine, fluoride, heavy metals, and bacteria are just a few of the pollutants found in unfiltered tap water. Our customers wanted safe, clean water to drink, but were disappointed by the water filters in the mass market, which only remove a few of the many contaminants that are removed with the Ecoflo Filtration System.

We designed the Ecoflo Filtration System to meet a number of needs. Starting from our global perspective, we created our top-quality filter so that people could get pure, clean water sustainably. A single filter will provide over one hundred fifty gallons of fresh, filtered water, which saves up to 1,200 plastic bottles from being used. While environmental concern was one major reason for the creation of Ecoflo, our first and foremost concern was for our individual customers. Purchasing an Ecoflo filter saves our customer tons of money. Using any water filter is cheaper than buying bottled water, but because the Ecoflo filters last longer than our competitors’, the cost is further reduced. Of course, coming from the health industry, our top priority is our customers’ health. We specially designed our filter to remove harmful contaminants while leaving in healthful minerals and electrolytes, like calcium, magnesium, and potassium. Results from our third-party lab testing are available on our website, so you can see the proof of our quality on paper as well as in your perfectly clear, delicious water!

With different container options, Ecoflo Filtration System can meet all of your needs. If you are at home or work, you and your family can enjoy the best-tasting, purest water available from our large water pitcher. When you are travelling, playing sports, running errands, anywhere you can think of, you can use our portable Ecoflo bottle to make your water safe and delicious.