Ecoflo 2.0 Pitcher​

  • March Special – Now Includes (1) Free Bottle with Every Purchase!
  • Removes up to 99.99% of contaminants found in drinking water
  • Makes up to 150 gallons of water before needing to replace filters
  • Flip-top lid for easy filling
  • Easy to use, non-slip pistol grip
  • Fits into any refrigerator
  • Filter pack is easy to install—on average lasts 6 months
  • Makes great water for many different uses
  • Holds one gallon of water
  • Tested by independent laboratories using EPA/ANSI protocols and NSF standards 42 and 53
  • BPA Free


Hello, Ecoflo 2.0

You spoke up, and we listened.
Over the years, we’ve gathered a great deal of feedback regarding our most popular water filtration product. Through a fair amount of trial and error, we’ve finally managed to craft a superior product, which exceeds the capabilities and presentation over our previous version.

New Filtration System

Faster flow & longer lasting. Same filtering abilities as our previous version (including up to 90% fluoride,) but now features BioSafe® technology to improve removal of bacterial contaminants.

Improved Handle​

Ecoflo 2.0 now features an improved, sleek, ergonomic handle, that’s easier to grasp, and far more secure and stable than the previous handle.

Better Fill Door

New hole atop allows reservoir to be filled without removing cover as it springs down from water flow pressure as you pour water into it.

Customers reviews

What are people saying?

“I just used this water filter bottle for two weeks in Vietnam with no problem. I filled it up every morning with tap water (which is not safe to drink there) and it would last me the whole day. I used it for drinking and brushing teeth .It’s easy to use. Just flip up the tip and suck on it while gently squeezing the bottom. If you need water for rinsing your tooth brush, you simply hold it at a slight angle and squeeze the bottle. No great force is needed.”-
Hoa Nguyen, San Diego, California
Hoa Nguyen, San Diego, California​
Finally a descent size portable drinking system, not just a carbon filter for taste! EcoFlo goes with me on all my trips and to the office. This reusable bottle has replaced my bottled water 100%. And it has paid for itself many times over!”
Doug Green, Houston, Texas
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